How our families feel
“PHCA has been an amazing school for our daughter, now in her third year. As she struggled with different relationships, health issues, or academics, her teachers were always there to pray, make a plan, and empower her to thrive even when challenged in life. She has grown in her academics leaps and bounds and now is excited to bring her learning and work home to show us. She has created strong relationships with friends and enjoys spending time with them outside of school. Best of all, each teacher she has had, has prayed for her, guided her, and challenged her at her level! We love PHCA and so thankful to be a part of a loving community.” — PHCA Parent

“Our family is so blessed by PHCA. We love the smaller classrooms that allow for more individualized learning. The teachers and staff are amazing. They are so kind and caring to the students. It is a blessing to me to know that my kids teachers are praying for them. We have loved connecting with other families at the school and my kids have made amazing friendships here. The staff here know each kid and connect with them daily compared to schools where they are so large and your kid ends up just being another number there. The teachers balance the education with family life outside of school. We are so blessed by the school and pray it will bless other families and kids too.” — Gerber Family

“Unsolicited from my 1st grader who started in October: ‘I was scared when I first started going, because I didn’t know about God. Then I learned about God, and I wasn’t scared, because I learned He’s watching me.’” — Braucks Family

“Fabulous! The very first day of school my son comes home quoting ‘He who has the Son has life (1st John).’ Here’s a kid who was previously afraid of school, nervous about the whole idea… who now loves attending. The kindergarten teacher is great and has a passion for teaching kids. My hesitation initially was financial, which I now struggle with whether that should even be a factor. Great school. Very personable.” — PHCA Parent

“We are so grateful to Pine Harbor Christian Academy for so many reasons, but two of our favorite are these. First, we are so impressed with how easily Scripture gets in their hearts and brains and more importantly – STAYS there! Our 3 children who have attended PHCA so far know the Bible even better than I do, they can remember where verses are found, the details of Biblical stories, timelines, geography, life application of Biblical principles and so much more. We are so thankful that information and God’s truth is truly in their hearts. Second, in this world where character, morals, ethics and tolerable behaviors seem to continually decline at such a rapid pace, we are so incredibly thankful for the emphasis that PHCA puts on building character. When our children are out in the community, we are continually told how well-behaved, how well-mannered, and what tender, caring hearts our children have. It means the world to us to know that PHCA puts emphasis on serving others, caring for others, and giving of yourself to make this world a better place for all. Communities far and wide could benefit by having the gem of a school like Pine Harbor Christian Academy for their children to attend. We are so thankful PHCA is here for us!” — Millner Family

“This is our first year with students at PHCA and I can only say that PHCA has FAR exceeded our expectations both academically and spiritually speaking. This is not a Christian academy in name-only, the teachers and staff live their faith out every day in powerful ways that are making a tremendous impact on our children! Prepare to be impressed.” — PHCA Parent

“As a public school teacher for 7 years, I never imagined my children going to a public school. When we moved to Hastings, I began substitute teaching. Within the first 10 minutes in the classroom, I knew my child HAD to start kindergarten here! PHCA has smaller class sizes to allow for more individual and small group teaching. Beginning each day in prayer and learning God’s word was amazing to witness. I would recommend taking a tour on any Walk In Wednesday and seeing it for yourself!” — Shleppenbach Family

“Both of my children attend Pine Harbor Christian Academy. In today’s stress filled, overscheduled way of life, it is a gift to give my children a full day in a place that exudes peace and safety. This is a place that excels academically while teaching morals and responsibility on a regular basis in the classroom, on the playground and associated outside activities. The tuition is minimal and a small price to pay for all that it returns.” — PHCA Parent