Christian Worldview

Knowing and loving God through learning

Preparing Students for Life

We are a distinctly Christian school that engages the hearts and minds of our students while preparing them with skills for high school, college and life. As their core values and beliefs are shaped in these early years, it is critical to surround these children with truth.

Our faculty and educators are 100% committed Christ followers who pray with, and for, each student. We include biblical worldview integration in the design of our curriculum.

PHCA teachers instill the importance of studying and memorizing scripture to keep it in each student’s heart in order to deepen their love for God, comfort them, equip them to face challenges, and more. Each day, students and teachers explore how to live out biblical principles at school, home, and in the world with a focus on the following educational goals:

1. To give God glory in all things.

2. To lead non-Christians to Christ by teaching and example.

3. To develop an understanding of one’s unique responsibility to God and His standards and that decisions are to be made based on those standards and the moral absolutes that must govern us in society.

4. To help students realize their capabilities and how to make the most of them toward growth and service.

5. To equip each student with the ability to communicate clearly, logically, and effectively through reading, writing, speaking, playing, listening and praying.

6. To encourage creativity and curiosity.

7. To build a strong academic foundation in the areas of Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science, Bible, as well as Music, Physical Fitness and Daily Life Skills. We utilize technology as a tool to enhance our learning environment.