Middle School

Developing tomorrow's leaders

The middle school years are a fun time – and they can also be socially and emotionally challenging. Every day, our children encounter a flood of competing messages.

Middle school students seek to build strong peer relationships. They also need a strong moral compass and help with establishing a healthy sense of self-worth, based upon Christ’s unconditional love. Shouldn’t we endeavor to surround them with biblical influences wherever, and whenever, we can?

The answer is “yes.” Surrounding your child with consistency and truth is critical in these years.

At this impressionable age – when values begin to solidify – who will partner with you in further developing your child’s confidence, self-concept and character, as well as their education?

We are here to make this transitional time easier. In a safe environment that feels like a supportive family, we will help your child continue to live by the values you’ve worked hard to instill.

Our Instructional Approach = Proven Results

We treat every student as the unique individual that he or she is created to be – and that’s our instructional approach. Our smaller class sizes are an amazing asset, allowing our middle school teachers to enhance every student’s ability and level – whether there is a need for extra support or to work two grade levels ahead. PHCA students learn more efficiently, work collaboratively, and review and practice their skills by teaching one another. The majority of our graduates are placed in high school honors classes and beyond.

The PHCA Middle School student will enjoy experiencing all learning through the lens of Scripture.  Every day, our faculty and educators are committed to being there for these young men and women.

Leadership Development

In a fun and supportive learning environment, PHCA middle school students are significantly engaged and motivated to take ownership of their learning. They enjoy a greater amount of responsibility, discover more about their purpose and become mentors to our younger students and to each other. Every week, our 6th-8th grade students lead all our students as our worship band at Chapel. By serving the needs of others in the community throughout the year, they grow and change from within, and they learn the importance of their character, morality and integrity. We motivate and help equip them to use their God-given gifts and talents for His glory – and they become ethical leaders with a growth mindset.

These are lifelong benefits that not many other middle schools can match.