Hands on learning for an enhanced educational experience

STEAM is replacing STEM as an approach to learning to truly meet the needs of our future and to prepare our students to thrive. Using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics, our teachers use this approach to foster ingenuity, through exploration, discussion and critical thinking.

The result? PHCA students connect their learning in these vital areas and become collaborative, thoughtful risk-takers and persistent problem solvers. They are creative, experiential learners with a strong foundation to become innovators and leaders. They are prepared for jobs that currently do not exist, and they are equipped to be successful in the workforce.

For example, our first grade classroom approaches STEAM in an interdisciplinary method.  The entire process is seamless and interactive to suit and excite any learning style. A typical study would include:

  • How the topic fits into the broad spectrum of science, as well as the individual application to science (science)
  • Introduction of the topic via books, internet, and music (technology and language arts)
  • Vocabulary and written work, which would involve both factual and creative aspects (arts)
  • Any mathematical potential such as surveys, graphs, formulas, and real-life problems to solve (math)
  • Creating a project-based model of the science concept or art project (engineering and art)